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3D vacuum sublimation heat transfer machine
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Product Name: 3D vacuum sublimation heat transfer machine
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A new generation of sublimation printing technology. This machine is multi-funtional. It can print mug, plate, ceramic tiles, crystal, glass, cell phone case, ipad case etc..

Technical Features:
1:Both top and bottom heating plates are made with aluminum alloy by die-casting forming. This machine has the advantage of fast heating, constant  temperature and accurate temperature control.
2:Humanization design. Based on the visualized and clear readings on the touch panel and digital display, operator can operate the machine easily.
3:Control buttons bulge out. It is easy to fell the touch of control button, and easy to set the suitable time and temperature as needed.
4. Cover of the machine is made with high temperature resistant PC plastic material. It is heat insulation, high temperature resistance, and can withstand 120 KG without being damaged.
5:Thermal insulation design. Silicone foam insulation seals are placed between aluminum heating plate and plastic cover, thus to reduce stand-by heat loss, and no problem of being too hot on plastic cover.
6:Two control panels. It is more compatible with different volatges and currents, stable and safe to work with 220V and 110V.
7:High-power heat-removal system. A 70mm*70mm air fan is designed at the back side of the machine to remove heat when it is too hot, thus to keep all components work efficiently.
8:Connecting rod of the machine is strengthened by precision stainless steel. It is durable and convenient to open the machine cover.
9:Unique convex design of the heating tubes. It can increase heating area and the radiation of its heat energy, thus enable the machine to work more efficiently.
10:This machine is equipped with a safety device, to prevent the machine from being superheated. When it is more than 250 degrees Celsius, this safety device will disconnect power sources automatically.


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